Ch. Akolade's Fire From Sparta CGC, RN, TDI, WAC


We are proud to announce that Spartan attained his Longevity Certificate in 2013, along

with all of his littermates.

Spartan and his partner Ashley Wilde have spent the last 4 years together

beating all of the odds and accomplishing all of their dreams....Spartan only had 4 singles

to complete his championship, of course that has really been the last of the list of things they wanted to do....she

has done amazing with him in Junior and now Senior handling, obedience, working titles. I am so proud of both

of them and the dedication they have put forth. The two of them have a special relationship are are AMAZING together!!!

**FLASH** Spartan takes winners dog and BOW in South Carolina for another 3 points on Sat May 5, 2007.....He Also passed his WAE test

two weeks ago, and now has his WAC certificate!!


Akolade's Fire From Sparta

Owned By: Amy & Ashley Wilde

                                            AM.CH. RAHDY'S SAIL THE SEVEN SEAS
                                  AM.CH.CAMBRIA'S CACTUS CASH
                                          AM.CH. CAMBRIA'S NOCONA V TEXAS, UD
                       KARMABECK BOYS WILL BE BOYS
                                          AM.CH. SOQUEL'S SIOUX BRAVADO OF DESTA-LC-1866M92-12D
                                  KARMABECK CONTESSA
                                           AM.CH. KARMABECK'S SUDDEN IMPACT
        "Ch. Akolade's Fire From Sparta, CGC, NR , TDI, WAC

                                             AM.CH.JANRIC'S DUBLIN 
                                   AM.CH.EPIK-TATTOO'S BLOCKBUSTER
                                             AM.CH.  BEL-MAR'S KISS N TELL
                       BEL-MAR MISHORE'S WITCHES KISS-LC-1785F98-11D
                                             AM.CH.BRUDA TIME WILL TELL, TT 
                                   BEL-MAR'S MISHORE KOFFEE T OR ME
                                             BEL-MAR'S GOOD 'N PLENTY

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