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Akolade's Rolling Stone


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July 2020 - 7 Years old

Owned and loved by: Delayna Blankenship

Bred by : Cheryl Morrow -Crippen

                                           AM. CH. CAMBRIA'S CACTUS CASH
                                   KARMABECK'S BOYS WILL BE BOYS  
                                           KARMABECK CONTESSA
                       MGR PTD AKOLADE'S FIST OF FURY, LC-2829M03-11L
                                          AM. CH. EPIC TATTOO'S BLOCKBUSTER
                                   BEL-MAR MISHORE WITCHES KISS, LC-1785F98-11D
                                          BEL-MAR MISHORE KOFFEE T OR ME

               "Akolade's Rolling Stone"

                                         WISDOM'S WIZARD OF OZ
                                   INT CH. SPARKS WILD TEQUILA PARTY AT AKOLADE
                                         CH. WISDOM'S WILD PARTY GIRL
                       AKOLADE'S LIL RED CORVETTE  
                                         MGR PTD AKOLADE'S FIST OF FURY, LC-2829M03-11L  
                                   AKOLADE'S KINDA KRAZEE
                                         AKOLADE'S JUST SO TRU

All contents copyright 1996-20121 Akolade Dobermans