Akolade's Fatal Attraction



                                           AM.CH. RAHDY'S SAIL THE SEVEN SEAS
                                  AM.CH.CAMBRIA'S CACTUS CASH
                                           AM.CH. CAMBRIA'S NOCONA V TEXAS, UD
                       KARMABECK BOYS WILL BE BOYS
                                           AM.CH. SOQUEL'S SIOUX BRAVADO OF DESTA
                                  KARMABECK CONTESSA
                                           AM.CH. KARMABECK'S SUDDEN IMPACT
                "Akolade's Fatal Attraction"
                                             AM.CH.JANRIC'S DUBLIN 
                                   AM.CH.EPIK-TATTOO'S BLOCKBUSTER
                                             AM.CH.  BEL-MAR'S KISS N TELL
                       BEL-MAR MISHORE'S WITCHES KISS
                                             AM.CH.BRUDA TIME WILL TELL, TT 
                                   BEL-MAR'S MISHORE KOFFEE T OR ME
                                             BEL-MAR'S GOOD 'N PLENTY

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