Karmabeck Akolade Genesis

Owned by Cheryl Morrow

Loved by: Bob & Claudia Porter

Update- Chloe at 11 years old !!


                                    ARG. GR.CH. FLAMING DEL SAMURAI
                           AM.ARG.CH. BISS ENOLA GAY'S DINO
                                   MANHATTAN RANCH FASHION
                  AM.CH. KARMABECK ABOVE THE LAW, LC12D 
                                   AM.CH. KARMABECK'S TOP HAT 'N TAILS
                           AM.CH. KARMABECK'S BELLA NINA - LC-2054F96-10D
                                   AM.CH. KARMABECK'S SUDDEN IMPACT
             "Karmabeck Akolade's Genesis"-  LC-2848F03-11L
                                   AM.CAN.PR.CH. SA/INT ANGEL'S DARK THUNDER, GHC, WAC 
                           AM.CH. SOQUEL'S SIOUX BRAVADO OF DESTA  LC-1866M92-12D
                                   AM.CH. HI-C'S STARBRIGHT V SOQUEL
                                   AM.CH. SCOTSBRAE WRANGLER,UDT,SCH II,ROM -LC-0363M85-10D
                           AM.CH. KARMABECK'S FIELD OF DREAMS
                                   AM.CH. BO MAR'S LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL

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